You pay nothing, unless we win!

That’s right, our contingent fee based service means you only pay us if we are successful. No reduction, no fees!

The overwhelming amounts of properties in any given county require the appraisal districts to utilize mass appraisal processes, which can be subject to errors. Very often, important factors that affect value are overlooked, causing overvaluation. The result is property taxes that are unjustifiably high.

We believe everyone should pay ONLY their fair share of property taxes, and not a penny more.

Required Forms

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Getting through the
Appeal Process

We file, we prepare, and we fight for you. Ensuring you pay your fair share and not a penny more.

Fee Calculation Example

We calculate our fees for services in the exact same manner the tax entities calculate your tax bill. This simple graphic below explains what we charge.

Contingent Fee

We operate on a contingent fee basis, and you are charged absolutely nothing unless our efforts result in property tax savings for you.

Prepaid Plan

We provide plans that will prepare you and give you the resources to maximize your chance of success in your own protest.

Headquartered in McAllen, Texas, we have operated statewide for over 15 years! We provide quality service, innovation, and expertise in property tax appeals, property tax research and property tax litigation support.

Why Choose CADTax?

Results matter, and we are the best there is

These are complex matters in a constantly changing and evolving landscape. Our staffs experience and skill sets are exactly what you need if you want maximum results. Don't fall into the traps of hiring people offering "lower contingent fees" or people who say they "have connections." We will not only protect you from fraudulent situations, you'll pay us competitive rates and get exponentially better results.

Performance based Fees

Our fees are strictly based on performance. You pay absolutely nothing, unless we win! This method ensures we are aggressive as possible with zero risk to you.

Residential Property Tax Appeals

We are here to serve you by reducing your property tax liability. And, we are experts in maximizing positive results for you in a complex and constantly changing system.

Commercial Property Tax Appeals

We represent all classes of real estate from office, retail, and multi-family to industrial, hospitality, and business personal property. Every dollar matters and we boost your bottom line by ensuring minimized tax liability. Our extensive valuation analysis procedures and negotiation results are the best you can find. Close to One Billion dollars of managed assets is proof of our success.

Important Dates to Remember

Effective date for assessed value.

Texas property is assessed at its value on this date via a constitutionally mandated lien. Taxpayers should document property conditions as of this date.

Deadline to pay prior year taxes without penalty and interest

Deadline to file “late” protest under 2525(c) or 2525(d) from prior year taxes. Deadline to resolve a 2525 (h) protest for prior years.

Property taxes from prior year become delinquent.

Deadline to file mandatory renditions.

Deadline to apply for exemptions and special use valuations.

Deadline to file a protest (or 30 days after the date the Appraisal District mailed notice of assessed value, which ever is later.)

General protest period

Penalty reaches maximum additional penalty imposed. Legal collection actions begin.

Deadline for appraisal district to certify tax roll. September 1st Tax rate is adopted.

Tax bills TYPICALLY mailed December 31st Deadline for establishment of residency, used for Homestead Exemption applications which commence during the next calendar year.

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