Prepaid Plan

Take on your taxes alone, with our prepaid packages!

Are you a residential customer who wants to handle your own protest?

We have multiple prepaid options that will prepare you and give you the ammunition you need to maximize your chance of success.

Basic Option – $50

We will send you a condensed information packet which will tell you precisely what how your home should be valued. Multiple comparables screened for your specific property and analyzed by us, for you. All you have to do is file your own protest and attend your own hearing. You’re in control the whole the way.

Enhanced Option – $99.99

You will get an extensive packet of information with applicable rules, laws, do’s, don’ts, tips, and tricks. All this in addition to the information provided in the basic option. You’ll be prepared as any professional tax agent would and your chance to succeed will be maximized.

So much so, we will take over your protest if you decide you don’t want to or cant attend your hearing. We will credit your prepaid amount against any invoice created just as we would do in our contingent fee service. This will ONLY apply if we take over your entire hearing which is both your informal and formal hearing.

The appraisal district has a several processes designed to confuse you and minimize your chance at success. If you plan on going in unprepared you might as well not even go at all.

STEP 1: Fill out the Waiver of Liability

Whereby CADTax is (“CT”) & Property Owner is (“You” “Your” “Name”) 

 Your purchase of our materials is strictly to provide you with a self-help guide in addressing property taxes and your protest.  The sale of our materials in no way creates any legal understanding, contract, venture, or relationship.  

In fact, CT disclaims any intent to contract with you. There are no oral other agreements between you and CT.  Additionally, CT offers no guarantees of any kind and all are disclaimed.  CT is not a fiduciary and does not assume any fiduciary responsibility to you. 

 It is entirely possible the property tax valuation proposed by the appraisal district is correct and/or below market value.  As such, CT does not represent that a protest is in your best interest. 

By purchasing materials from CT, it is understood and accepted by you that you fully assume all risks in how the materials are interpreted and that CT owes you no duty unless you engage CT via an additional contingency fee agreement.  

Should any dispute arise between you and CT your damages are limited to the amounts actually paid for this product. Texas laws apply and venue shall lie strictly in Hidalgo County, Texas. 


    I agree to the Waiver of Liability.

    STEP 2: Choose Your Plan

    Basic Plan

    $ 50

    • Hearing Procedures
    • Residential Analysis with 3 Comparables
    • Target Taxable Value

    Enhanced Plan

    $ 99.99

    • Includes Basic Plan
    • A summary of the most relevant laws and rules you need to know for a successful hearing
    • Up to 5 comparables
    • Our Tips and Tricks Sheet for a more pleasurable hearing experience
    • Our Do's and Don'ts list which will ensure you maximize your chance at success
    • The option to have us handle the protest for you in the event you cannot or do not want to attend
    • We will handle your protest filings so they are done timely

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